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Quilt Intake Form


Generally, Quilts are completed in the order they are received. Your quilt will go on the schedule when it arrives in our studio. Occasionally there may be the need to have your quilting placed on Emergency Rush. Heavenly Hugs Quilts will work with you if this should happen however, you must notify us prior to sending the quilt and there will be an additional $40 charge for Rush.

We appreciate the confidence you have placed in Heavenly Hugs Quilts and we strive to deliver your finished quilt back in excellent condition and surpass your expectations. While this is our aim, remember that no one is perfect. If you are not satisfied for some reason, let us know and we will work to resolve your issue.

By submitting below, you authorize Heavenly Hugs Quilts to perform Longarm Quilting Services on your quilt based on the selections you have made on the Quilt Intake Form. You understand that you will be responsible for the costs of these services and that the finished quilt will be delivered or shipped upon the receipt of the full payment.

Please be aware that while quilting services are taxable in Tennessee. Sales tax must be collected on any personal property that is sold such as quilts, fabric, batting or labels

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